How to choose between Woven or Embroidered Badges?

Woven badges are made with finer threads than Embroidered ones.

If you are specifically looking for a finer graphic resolution, we recommend a Woven Badge

Technical information

Bespoke Badges

We assist you on choosing the right Material and Finish to suit your application and the desired quantity. We can create Bespoke Woven or Embroidered Badges according to your specifications.


Woven or Embroidered Badges are delivered in Bulk (No individual packaging)

How to choose between Woven or Embroidered Badges?

For a better badge definition, we recommend the Woven Badges. Two finish are available: Laser Cut for Woven Badges and Merrow Border for both Woven and Embroidered. • Fabric Badges are designed to be sewed on; the Sticky Back on the Badges are recommended for positioning or single time wearing only. In order to keep the Badge into place permanently, the badge need to be sewed on.


We send you a production-ready sample

Shipping time and Quantities

After Final Validation of the Drawing or Sample, Bespoke Bespoke Woven or Embroidered Badges it takes up to 4 weeks to complete the production run and shipping. Minimal Order Quantity 100 Pcs (same design).

Low Light Visibility

We can use Reflective or Luminescent Thread to make your Badge Glow in The Dark